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Business Planning & Forecasting

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Forecasting is critical, with the use of virtual simulation techniques, we will help you create a plan, step-by-step, for the best ways to apply to your available capital and other assets to hit goals for growth, profit and your other priorities.

Process and Logistics Optimization

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A discreet time modeling can be deployed in a computational simulation to replicate the real-world scenario to adequately measure the impact of the flows and processes to optimally distribute or redistribute the resources to avoid wastage and cost overflows.

Marketing Strategy

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Digital simulations can create a virtual replica of the marketing strategies to help understand the different “what if” scenarios to reach to an optimal strategy keeping in view the customer volatility. An agent-based model to emulate customer response to a marketing strategy helps understand their behavior and adequately tweak the strategy. Game theory principles can be deployed to understand the competitor responses thereby helping understand the market better.

Product Portfolio Optimization

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Cosmetic Products

A complex product portfolio can be emulated in a data-driven self-configuring model using virtual simulation identifying the production flows of the stock keeping units to measure and assess costs. A transition to a simplified product portfolio can then be simulated to identify costs and revenues to measure saving or losses thereby providing insights into product flows without having to implement it in reality.

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